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If you find yourself stuck in an airport, Jeff Michaels has some ideas to keep you from going crazy. Host Liane Hansen speaks with Michaels, author of a new book, Please Hug Me – I’ve Been Delayed. Click to listen to interview.

…brilliant – and hilarious – ideas for the airline industry. (Orlando Sentinel)

…head straight to your terminal’s bookstore and buy this humorous yet informative read. (MORE Magazine)

…plenty of helpful tips, particularly about surviving delays. (Chicago Tribune)


This is an air travel companion that’s the perfect combination of humor and information for travelers of all types. Every one of the 800 million people who struggle to keep their sanity in the insane world of air travel will be desperate to get their hands on Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed. Author Jeff Michaels offers his off-kilter observations on everything from earplugs to air stewards, along with practical tips on how to improve the flying experience. Michaels offers his readers:

  • Clever and constraining techniques for wasting time in airports
  • Surprising (and dismaying) air travel trivia
  • Secrets to sourcing the lowest possible airfare
  • A 5-minute program for overcoming the fear of flying
  • Tear-out forms for surviving an overnight stay in the airport

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…head straight to your terminal’s bookstore and buy this humorous yet informative read. –MORE Magazine (Top 12 Books to Help You Chill Out for the Holidays)

Chronic Seat Kickers (CSKs)

Apparently, my ranting on NPR about the Chronic Seat Kickers (CSKs) on board our flights has been hitting home. And while this is a terrible problem we must all face, I’m happy to find there are others out there as unlucky as I am to always find themselves sitting in front someone who thinks they are the only human on the plane. Now, as I mentioned in Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed, you have to remember that Chronic Seat Kickers need to be broken down by age before you can determine how to react to their barbaric behavior.

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Is a patdown really necessary? (Only if he’s cute)

Everyone is up in arms about the new security procedures, claiming our human rights are being violated, and freaking out about privacy once again. Here’s the thing kids. In case you haven’t noticed, privacy is a thing of the past. Everything you do is for public scrutiny these days. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, I know what every single one of my friends ate for breakfast, how their first date went before they even get home, and on the day after Halloween, what they look like naked.

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Getting Bumped: The Art of Free Air Travel

Everyone has that one annoying friend who is constantly bragging about all the free stuff they get. Free hotel stays, free meals, free prizes in cereal boxes (some people just have to brag no matter what), etc. With overbooked flights at unprecedented levels, your opportunity to become one of these annoying people has finally arrived.

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Why should you book all your connections through Salt Lake City?

Travel and Leisure recently released their report of the best and worst airports for delayed flights for 2009. Topping the list of the worst was Newark, NJ (EWR), which confirms what we’ve known all along–everyone in Newark is so excited about Jersey Shore they’ve forgotten all their responsibilities, including getting the planes off the ground on time.

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Midway Security Lines – Over 1 mile long?

Yes, it’s true! Well, according to Twitter. The Security lines this past weekend at Midway Airport in Chicago have cracked the one-mile mark. If this is not a new Guinness Record for the Longest Security Line on record, it’s damn close. So, who do we have to blame for this ridiculous, complete waste of time for […]

Parma and Bologna: Two Destinations Not to be Missed (Italy Travel Tips)

Parma and Bologna: Two Destinations Not to be Missed (Italy Travel Tips)

Here is a guest post on the beautiful country of Italy… and perhaps two locations you might have overlooked when planning your travel to Italy. Looking for Italy Travel Tips? Parma and Bologna are two destinations not to be missed Italy is undoubtedly a country that does not cease to amaze with its history, architecture, […]

Six Signs You’ve Survived A Trip To Sydney

Having lived int he great city of Sydney, I’m happy to include this guest post “Six Signs You’ve Survived A Trip To Sydney” … and can attest this is all true. For the average tourist, the idea of “Sydney” brings to mindall those photogenic stock attractions this beautiful Australian metropolis is famous for: The harbor, […]

Australia Travel Tips: 5 Most Desired Destinations In Australia

Having lived in Sydney, Australia for several months, I can attest the Land Down Under is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Looking for some Australia travel tips? Then you’ll want to check out our guest post: Australia travel tips: 5 Most Desired Destinations In Australia Australia, the home of Koala bears and Kangaroos, is […]

Best places in USA one should fly

Here is a guest post discussing the best places in the USA one should fly…  Vegas “the sin city” has to be the first place to fly to for many. Things are always happening in Vegas, another place many think of is Miami famous for its beaches and also New York for its skyscrapers mostly […]

Onboard Laundry Services – The Next Great Idea in Aviation

I’ve been home from the great city of Las Vegas now for nearly a month, and today I accomplished something I never thought I would: I finished doing my pile of laundry from my trip. For anyone who has been to Vegas, you know there is nothing you can do to avoid the stench of […]

Man creates ALL BY MYSELF music video while stuck at Las Vegas Airport

As the title page on his video states, “What do you do when you’re stuck at the Las Vegas Airport overnight?” “You shoot a music video on your iPhone. That’s what.” This is perhaps the finest example of making the most out of your flight delay. Now THIS deserves a Please Hug Me award of Excellence!!! […]

Flying Firsts: Pioneering Moments in Aviation History

A little history lesson guest post.. The history of flight is made up of ‘firsts’. From the moment when the Wright Brothers first left the ground to the introduction of the first jet engine, significant moments and the people behind them were all necessary to get to where we are today. Here are the most important […]

Holiday Travel: Who Should We Yell at THIS Year? (The answer may surprise you)

It’s that time of year again… time for airports to fill with angry passengers, parents to worry if their children will make it home on time for Christmas dinner, and crying babies to wonder why on earth they had to leave sunny California to fly east to visit grandma (and if this is a pattern […]

Travelling in style: How private jet charter works

Does having to go through security and paying to watch a movie onboard your flight got you down? Still pissed they took away the roasted peanuts? Curious how to charter a private plane? You’ll want to check out this guest article below… If you need to travel overseas on a regular basis, you will have a […]

Leave your shoes on while walking through security – a frequent flyer’s wet dream?

“Leave your shoes on. Place your bags on the belt. Don’t take your laptops or liquids out from your bags. Just make sure to remove your belt or anything in your pockets that might set off the metal detector. Step through when you’re ready… Oh, and leave your shoes on.” Did you catch that? Your shoes ON? […]

Are airports getting better and better or what?

Is it me, or have we seen a TREMENDOUS improvement in airports the last few years? It seems that no matter what part of the world you are travling to, there is an airport wing under construction. Not sure who’s paying for all these sleek new terminals, but I don’t mind. Not at all. Check […]

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