Spring Air Travel: Budget Cuts = Delays, Delays, Delays

Well, if you are traveling this spring by air, you might be in for a rude surprise. Not only are the skies going to be more crowded with spring breakers trying to avoid yet another month of miserable weather, you are likely to be waiting in longer lines now that budget cuts are going into effect in the U.S., and the TSA has been targeted.

Not to worry—this is really only a government ploy to get people to feel bad that they aren’t paying more taxes. Don’t be fooled. They can still operate the government and keep the TSA workers paid just fine without raising your taxes—they just don’t want to cut the things the really should cut, namely:

-The military budget by 50%

– The House of Congress

Still, might be a good idea to get to the airport early the next few months. You never know when a flight delay will creep up and potentially ruin your vacation. And if it does, you know what hit travel book to purchase for your Kindle. I don’t even have to tell you.

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