The Most Luxurious Airline Airport Lounges

Are you a frequent airport traveler that loves to make the most out of a flight delay? Has your connecting flight been cancelled but you don’t want to use funds or time to leave the airport for a few hours in the day, or even worse—during the early morning when fewer entertainment options are available? Consider these following five luxurious airport lounges that are perfect for travelers who want to enjoy themselves while never having to leave the airport.

Etihad Diamond First Class Lounge, Abu Dhabi – This airport lounge is perfect for anyone with a major overlap between planes and who would rather not go out into the United Arab Emirate economy during the break. This first class lounge offers spa treatments and massages, and also features a cognac and cigar room (which can be a rather difficult find outside of the airport). Full service bars, lounge chair rooms, comfortable beds, and comfortable sofas located in Terminal 3 will ensure you can chill out in style while waiting for your next flight.

Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse, John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York – Virgin Airlines recently opened its clubhouse in the JFK airport, featuring spa and massage services, pool table and full service game room, and even a dual-sex salon for hair, facials, and foot massages. The Virgin Clubhouse is located just after the TSA checkpoint in A Concourse, just about Gates A4 and A5.

Finnair Lounge, Helsinki Airport – If you find yourself laid over and waiting for a flight in this airport in Finland’s capital city, make sure you stop by the Finnair Lounge. Located in Terminal 2 between Gate 36 and 27, this lounge features a full service buffet that is always on, spa and shower treatments, and spectacular views of Helsinki’s cityscape and countryside in the horizon. If you’re waiting on a multi-hour connecting flight to an Asian city, make sure you get utilize the lounge’s hot shower service with traditional Finnish saunas.

Qantas First Lounge, Sydney Airport – This lounge’s 98-foot, 8,400-plant vertical garden will greet visitors who find themselves stuck between a rock and a plane flight (!) in Sydney’s largest airport. Located in the International Terminal, the Qantas First Lounge offers spa service, European-style sofas and recliners in the lounge, and an open kitchen that is perfect for those who want to relax between flights.

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounges, Singapore Changi International Airport – Located on Level 3 of both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, the SilverKris Lounge offers a spectacular experience for those with due time to spend in the airport. While this normally crowded airport is as busy and bustling as the streets in Singapore, guests will be checked in individually by staff and escorted to café bars, office suits, meeting rooms, and leather-clad furniture lounge rooms where anyone can relax in comfort and style. Slumberettes are available for those who want to sleep, and staff are prompt, punctual, but gentle when waking you for your next flight.

Next time you find yourself in one of these cities, use the directions to find these top class lounges to relax, rejuvenate, and calm down before your connecting flight. Be careful not to miss your flight – these lounges specialize in all the things that might keep you hanging around the lounge just a bit longer!

Angie Picardo is a writer at NerdWallet and TravelNerd, where you can advice on how to navigate over 70 international airports and set financial goals to save for your next trip.

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