Holiday Travel: Who Should We Yell at THIS Year? (The answer may surprise you)


It’s that time of year again… time for airports to fill with angry passengers, parents to worry if their children will make it home on time for Christmas dinner, and crying babies to wonder why on earth they had to leave sunny California to fly east to visit grandma (and if this is a pattern that will continue throughout their young lives). Well, if you thought this year was going to be smooth sailing because airlines have come a long way in the past few years and have started paying their customers more attention, you forgot about one thing: SNOW.

Yes, Mother Nature doesn’t particularly care if you spent your entire life savings in order to surprise your family with a trip home for the holidays. Nor does she particularly care if you couldn’t find a direct flight and had to book a connection through Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, or any other snowy metropolis where you might be scouring the local fast food options for your Christmas dinner. No, Mother Nature has no calendar, and no real concern for airplanes trying to make their way through her skies each December. She instead seems to listen to the much louder call of the millions of ground-dwellers demanding a White Christmas.

My thoughts? Instead of getting angry at airline employees and air traffic controllers who are only doing their absolute best to keep you safe while traveling this holiday season, how about we focus that angry energy toward those snow-lovers who INSIST that Christmas just isn’t Christmas unless there is a solid six to twelve inches of evil snow on the ground. While admittedly this might make it a tad easier for Santa to land his sleigh on your roof–and yes, family photos will resemble a charming Currier and Ives collection, it does nothing but make for a miserable travel experience. Something that can ruin any Christmas–white or otherwise.

Of course, this year the very idea of Christmas itself is under contention, and I side with those who enjoy the holiday, but don’t necessarily feel it needs to take up three months each year and become a world-wide event on par with the Olympic games. Honestly, it needs to be toned down–like by 95%. And if part of that toning down means all the snow-lovers stop doing snow dances and praying to Mother Nature for blizzards to arrive on the peak travel days of the year, I’m all for it.

Mother Nature listens to those who call out the loudest. The Native Americans were dead-on with their rain dance routines. You want to travel in December? Nevermind getting angry at the airlines. Get angry at your fellow snow-loving friends. They are what is causing your flight delay. And should it turn out that weather is merely controlled by environmental factors and planetary orbits, and has little to do with people dancing on the surface of the planet and calling for snow, well, there is always your family to blame for not living within driving distance. Whatever you do, try to keep sane this holiday season, and be as friendly as possible to all you encounter.

Of course, you can always take comfort there is one person looking out for your well-being as you struggle to get home this holiday season: me. Because from Dec 19 – Dec 23rd of this year you can download a copy of Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed for FREE on your Kindle. Just click here! My little gift for my fellow frustrated flyers.

Happy Holidays to all! (Even you snow-lovers)



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