New Kindle download for Holiday Travelers Stuck in Airport

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 20, 2012

With the holiday season and heavy storms upon us, holiday travel is going to be difficult. Luckily, there is an answer.

From the author of the hit guide to air travel, Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed comes an even funnier book of airport time wasters called AT LEAST THERE ARE NO SHARKS IN THE TERMINAL… available exclusively on Kindle.

Do the words, “Your flight has been delayed” make you quiver in your bones? Do you shudder at the very idea of spending hours upon hours facing endless boredom in an airport terminal? Did your plane land on a deserted island? Well, then you’re in luck!

AT LEAST THERE ARE NO SHARKS IN THE TERMINAL is a hilarious collection of simply the finest airport time wasters known to man, including:

– Terminal Twister
– Delayed Dominos
– How Attractive Am I Really?
– Stayin’ Alive


In this handy book you will learn how to:

– Set a World Record while waiting for your flight
– Take the stage with American Airport Idol
– Create a makeshift dance club using nothing but borrowed iPads.

From Easy, to Moderate, to Advanced, each time waster is categorized for length of delay, and what will be required to play. Also included is a healthy dose of helpful travel tips… for when you do eventually board that plane!

Written by Jeff Michaels, author of Please Hug Me–I’ve Been Delayed: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Survive the Not-so-Friendly Skies. (As featured on NPR, Chicago Tribune, MORE Magazine for Women, Boston Sunday Globe).

Don’t risk another flight delay without downloading your copy today!

AT LEAST THERE ARE NO SHARKS IN THE TERMINAL is available exclusively on Kindle here:

All Kindle books can be read on a laptop, ipad, or cell phone using the Kindle Viewer.

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