Thanksgiving Special Treat! A new Airport Time Waster!

To celebrate the busiest travel week of the year, here is a brand new airport time waster to try out should your flight be delayed. And be sure to check out our brand new book:

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Turkey Thumb Wars

REQUIRED: Pen, Paper, Thumbs
DELAY TIME: 1 – 2 Hours

For anyone who attended kindergarten, you will recall that Thanksgiving week was spent making pictures of turkeys on construction paper by tracing your hand print. The thumbs would become the turkey head, and each finger would become the turkey feathers. Add on a couple of pipe cleaner legs, and voila! A fairly decent looking turkey!

For this time waster, you will again use your kindergarten coloring skills, with a slight twist. Begin by gathering as big a stack of paper as you can. Next, split the stack and give your opponent half. As soon as you are ready to begin, shout out “Three, Two, One… Turkey Time!*

Each person will then proceed to draw as many turkeys as possible before time runs out.

Next, it’s time to hand out your turkeys all over the airport. Gather up your stacks, and the person who hands the most out before security arrives to question you, wins. You may get some odd glances, but remember, the Indians had no idea what the Pilgrims were doing on the first Thanksgiving either. And look how great that relationship turned out.

ADVANCED VERSION? Not feeling particularly grateful this year? Instead of turkeys, place your hand on the paper and extend only your middle finger. Now now trace your hand. While I wouldn’t recommend passing this stack out, drawing several hundred highly offensive turkey hands will surely help brighten your mood.

(*Really not necessary, but adds to the general excitement of the game.)

Here’s to a hassle free travel season for all!


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