Top 10 Things I Learned At My First Book Signing

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to do my first book signing at Terminal C Hudson News Bookstore in Boston’s Logan Airport, joining the ranks of authors such as Ben Mezrich (Bringing Down the House) and Shonda Shilling (Red Sox great Curt Schilling’s wife.)

Why a list? Because I had LOT of free time to kill. And as you know, free time for me in an airport generally turns into a 220-page book… I figured I’d force myself to keep this short and sweet.

10. Bookstores located before security are a terrible place for an author book signing.
9. The colors blue and gray appear 15 times more frequently than any other color in an airport terminal.
8. We need to support our prostitutes – whoring yourself out is incredibly difficult work.
7. I look “very familiar” to a lot of people. I blame this guy.
6. It’s quite unnerving to have people read something you’ve written directly in front of you, even if they appear to enjoy it. (Thank God for blogs.)
5. Airport employees must hate going on vacation because it feels like they’re going to work.
4. The #1 complaint of flyers departing Boston’s Logan Airport Terminal C is people kicking their seats when flying. (And the Red Sox suck this year.) Thankfully I dedicated an entire section to Chronic Seat Kickers (CSKs) and how to deal with this threat.
3. My list of Hot Flight Attendants ranked by airline is dead on.
2. The correct response to an author who explains what his book is about is, “Good for you!” (Not to actually buy the book).
1. Foreigners are funny.

I did have a wonderful time, and met a lot of travelers. Unfortunately, it was a bright sunny day and very few of them were delayed, so I didn’t have much to offer them. But this is Boston… winter’s coming.

Thanks once again to my new friends at Hudson Books. You did a wonderful job!


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